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We can facilitate any interpersonal situation to help solve conflicts quickly, efficiently, and with minimal destructive impact on the lives of those involved.

Our Mission
Common Solutions, LLC is a no-nonsense, community resource providing problem-solving strategies, consultation and programs to help people attain productive, conflict free lives.

Our Services

Our core services primarily involve Mediation and Dispute Resolution in these areas:

  • » Divorce
  • » Child Support
  • » Custody
  • » Visitation
  • » Real Estate Disputes
  • » Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • » Parent/Teacher/Student Issues
  • » Victim/Offender Mediation
  • » Credit Negotiation

Attorney Support Services: 

  • » Assist in the Development of legal strategies
  • » Jury Selection

Additional Services:

  • » Civil Process Service - Certified by the Supreme Court of Texas(e.g., subpoenas, petitions, notice of hearings)
  • » Notary Public - (Mobile Services are available to Seniors and the Disabled)

SOAR (“Seizing Opportunities and Reclaiming” your life)

  • » Life Skills Programs and Training, such as:
    • Job interview preparation
    • Basic budgeting and estate planning
    • Basic problem-solving strategies
  • » Education on existing social services programs (visit our Resources page)

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